Fashion Accessories: How to look attractive for an interview

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Fashion for an interview

If you want to want to keep pace with the modern trend, you may want to buy latest fashion clothes along with newly designed and stylish fashion accessories. The accessories are rapidly gaining popularity because today’s generation likes to follow the celebrities and adopt their style. But, most of us don’t know how to get dressed properly to look good.

There are lots of fashion accessories that you will find in super shops. These are designed for people of all ages- children, teens, men, women, petite sized, and plus sized. Some of the mostly used fashion items are discussed below that you may collect for being fashionable all the time!

  • Jewelry: The most favorite and common fashion accessory is jewelry. Children, teenagers, young women and also aged women love to wear earrings, rings, pins or other jewelry items of their choice when they go to party or marriage ceremony. The popular jewelry items include charm necklaces, bracelets, colorful chains etc. Watches, pendant necklace that displays cross or other significant symbols are fashion items for men.


  • Handbags: Handbags are also popular among women because of its usefulness. Purses are trendy and useful, but women use them occasionally whereas handbags have become a real status symbol and major accessory. They are of different designs and styles and women buy more than one bag if their budget allows them. They love to match the color of their bags or purses with their costume. Buying new bags, every season may help you change your whole look in a comparatively inexpensive way. Try to choose trendy and fashionable handbags that you can use both in office and party.
  • Travel bags: The travel bag is a very necessary fashion accessory used by both men and women.While going for a tour or long journey, a travel bag is the most useful thing. It’s a small bag that can be used as a luggage carrier for a plane-ride, diaper bag or laptop carrying case. They are also called ‘man bag’ and getting popular day by day. Many significant fashion labels own their individual luggage lines as well.
  • Shoes: Many of us consider them as a necessary item for everyday use, but fashionable shoes can also enhance your personality. Men rarely think about the design or style of their shoes, but women always take shoes as the fashion accessory. Keeping this thing in mind, fashion designers have brought stylish shoes for women, for example- athletic shoes, elegant sandals, casual sandals, flat dress shoes, high heels, slingback, mules and so on. Similar to handbags and purses, women love to collect the multiple pairs of shoes to wear with outfits of same color or pattern. Shoes can make you look beautiful or may destroy it. So be careful to choose shoes that match your dress color and other Accessories.
  • Belts: Belts are one of the major fashion accessories. Men use them as a fashion necessity to keep their pants up while women use them mostly as a fashion accessory. That’s why women’s belts come in dozens of styles, shapes, and widths. Every season they buy at least one belt for changing their style. They range from casual, crocheted belts to wear with jeans to elegant, leather belts to be used with trousers while working.

These are the accessories that you can use to look good along with a beautiful dress. These accessories not only help you look trendy but also symbolizes their personality and choice. So, keep updating your wardrobe to follow the latest trend and look more beautiful today, and always!

Personal injury lawyer in Ottawa

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About Williams McEnery Barristers and Solicitors

Williams McEnery is a famous law firm in Ottawa that was first incorporated by Eric Williams and Paul McEnery in 1979. In this firm, Eric Williams operate the firm’s litigation practice and Paul McEnery deals with the real estate law, estate law, and corporate law. As of now, this law firm has worked for clients in more than 300 court trials and appeals. In addition, there are several personal injury lawyers in Ottawa in this firm who are expert enough to take any complex cases. The entire team is led by Eric Williams who is one of the top legal professionals in the world. He has worked for clients in more than 200 trials and appeals and deal with 100 cases (reportedly). Besides, he has been voted as the best lawyers in Canada and he was also nominated as a member of the distinguished American College of Trial Lawyers.

Why Choose Williams McEnery Barristers and Solicitors?

Following are the reasons for choosing Williams McEnery Barristers and Solicitors –

  • This law firm offer full-range real estate law, estate administration, and corporate law services.
  • Clients who have worked with the firm for once always come back with another case (around 80%). It proves the credibility of the firm.
  • When dealing with a particular case, the firm takes a personal approach to victims. It allows both parties to work smoothly.
  • The lawyers at this firm are hugely experienced and are an expert at handling personal injury cases.

Contact Information of Williams McEnery Barristers and Solicitors

Williams McEnery Barristers and Solicitors

169 Gilmour Street

Ottawa, ON

K2P 0N8

T: 613-237-0520

F: 613-237-3163

Email: [email protected]

Who are the Lawyers of Williams McEnery Barristers and Solicitors?

All the lawyers at of Williams McEnery Barristers and Solicitors are fully committed to achieving the best outcome for the clients. Below are the lawyers of this firm –


  • Eric R. Williams, Partner, 613-237-0520 x236


  • Paul T. McEnery, Practicing in association, 613-237-0520 x233


  • Christopher F. Reil, Partner, 613-237-0520 x231


  • Paul W. Muirhead, Partner, 613-237-0520 x232


  • Jaye E. Hooper, Partner, 613-237-0520 x237


  • Kelly P. Hart, Partner, 613-237-0520 x246


  • Aaron E. Moscoe, Associate, 613-237-0520 x238


  • Christine M. LaCasse, Associate / Advocate, 613-237-0520 x225


  • Kristopher L. Dixon, Associate, 613-237-0520 x250


  • Ashlee L. Barber, Associate, 613-237-0520 x254


  • Jeremy R. Rubenstein, Associate, 613-237-0520 x257

What are the services provided by Williams McEnery Barristers and Solicitors?

Following are the services of Williams McEnery Barristers and Solicitors –

  • Insurance Law
  • Real Estate
  • Personal Injury
  • Professional Liability
  • Wills & Estate Administration
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Employment Litigation
  • Mediation Services


Tips to boost your interview skills

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It is just not enough to attend an interview, but to learn from every interview must be the goal. Learning is a never ending process and one must constantly work towards it. The following are the tips to boost your interview skills.

Practice Good Nonverbal Communication

Communication in all the form is a strong tool to make impressions or to make a connection with the people. Your body language speaks about you without you actually uttering the words. Be calm and composed. Greet people and avoid being rude. Inculcate these habits in your daily life and you will follow them automatically at the interview process.

Dress for the Occasion:

Yes, right dressing at the right place will fetch you the brownie points. Do not be in casuals or funky attire. A professional touch must be given to your attire. Do not go for a mismatch. Let your dress not be a distracter. Your shirt should be clean and crease free. Carry a handkerchief. Be careful with your socks as unwashed socks might give a bad odor.


Do not aim to hear, but to listen. The interviewer might be supplying you with information which might be useful later on. Hence, pay heed to it. Allow the other person to speak and complete his talk. Do not interrupt. You can also make a note of certain valuable information.

Don’t Talk Too Much:

There are times when we get carried away by the situation and start blabbering too much. Do not give more information than required. Answer apt to the point rather than being around the bush.

Use Appropriate Language:

Be careful with the language that you are using. You aren’t speaking to your friend, hence avoid words like dude, buddy, yup and other slang that might put you in trouble.

Don’t Be Cocky:

Attitude plays a vital role in deciding your fate. Do not be over-confident. Keep a balance between confidence and professionalism.

Ask Questions:

Do not be just an answering machine. Be prepared with a set of questions to be asked. Ask questions that would show your intelligence and sensibility, but do not ask in a manner as though you are checking their knowledge. When you are given an option to ask questions, do not say a no. Go ahead and clear all your doubts.

Don’t Appear Desperate

Yes, do not be desperate and give them a feel that you need this job desperately. Be cool, calm and confident during the entire interview process. You can call them and check the interview results, but do not bother them often. Remember, your patience is checked at every level.


Hope this article has been useful to you. These are the best tips to improve your interview skills. One must constantly work on these skills as they are the base of an interview. You can also opt for a professional course if you want to be perfect. Do share your feedback with us and let us know your opinion.

Tips for job interview

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A competitive world demands the best thing in the world. It is difficult to get jobs these days as talent hunt is the need of the hour. The company has many factors to be considered before they hire a candidate. If you are a candidate and are looking for a job, the following are some of the interview tips that can fetch you a job:

Conduct Research:

You must be very sure about the company that you are planning to attend an interview at. There could be company related questions and your answers might add weight to the interview process. Know a bit about the current news of the company, their latest deals, their turnover, products and services. It is also an added advantage if you understand your job profile completely rather than looking confused about it.


Yes, the key to success is to preparation, preparation and preparation. Be prepared with the common types of questions that you might be asked at the interview. You can plan for a role play before attempting the actual interview. This will boost your confidence and will keep you motivated.

Dress for Success:

Your dressing sense speaks about your personality. A formal dress must be chosen for the interview. Ensure that the dress is properly ironed and there are no creases. The color combination must also be taken care of.  Opt for a white shirt or royal blue. Similarly, wear a trouser that matches your shirts. A tie would be an added advantage. Do not go for loud colors. Women can either go in trousers or traditional wear. Accessorize minimal. Remember, it’s an interview.

Arrive on Time for the Interview:

Time management plays a crucial role in life and one must adhere to it. Be on time at the interview venue rather than giving an excuse of being late. Arriving early will save you from being tensed and stresses. It will also create a first impression on the interviewer. You can freshen up or check your documents during the extra time.

Make Good First Impressions:

Yes, a first impression must be long lasting. Be humble and polite to all the members. Great people with a smile. Be firm with your handshake. Avoid being rude and arrogant. Do not talk too much. It is better to be at the listening end during the interview. Make eye contact with the interview. Answer to the point and do not try to confuse them. Keep a positive attitude and be confident. Do not be over excited.

Ask Insightful Questions:

It is good to ask questions at the end, but ensure that those are meaningful ones. Do not ask question just for the heck of asking.  Remember, you are judged at every point. You can also prepare a set of questions in advance to avoid last minute hassles.


Thank Interviewers:

This is the last but the most important step in completing the interview process. Be thankful to the interviewers’ irrespective of the results.

The 7 things the interviewers notice first

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You might be mistaken if you are thinking that you aren’t judged by the interview panel. The moment you walk into the interview venue, you are being noticed. You may not be aware that your presence is being noticed, but beware!  Here are the 7 things the interviewers notice first:

Your arrival time:

Time is the most critical factor in the success of any business. And if you fail to adhere to it, it might cost you the job. It is always better to arrive 10 minutes before the interview schedule. You may not be questioned on coming late, however, you might be noticed.

Your attire:

Your dressing sense will definitely be considered if you are attending an interview. A shabby and untidy person fails to create a good impression. Thus, try to understand the dress code of the company and dress accordingly. Give a professional look.

Your body language:

Yes, this is a non-verbal communication and it is more powerful than words. If you are stressed and tensed, your body language shows it. Be confident, but not over-confident. Be humble and polite. Avoid signs of nervousness. Drink water and stay calm. A firm handshake and eye contact are a must. Do not cross your arms and avoid fidgeting.

Your communication style:

Do not speak too fast as it shows that you are nervous. At the same time, you do not be too slow as the interviewer might think that you are borrowing time. Keep a medium pace. Pause where required and be confident with your answers.

Your preparedness:

Do not come unprepared as it has an impact in your election process. Learn about the company’s mission, vision  products, services and other vital details. It shows that you are serious about the job and have taken extra effort for the interview.

Your enthusiasm:

Be excited to be a part of the organization. Show interest in your interview process. The company would definitely hire somebody who is keen about working with them. At the same time, do not show that you are desperate.

Your Qualifications:

You might have great communication skills and team spirit, however, they are just additional skills to your core skills. The more important thing is your qualification. You are hired for your knowledge. A basic degree is a must to get selected. Thus, check the job profile thoroughly before appearing for the job. Do not be rejected on being overqualified or under qualified. The interviewer will match your qualification before proceeding further.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Be prepared before you enter the interview venue and score brownie points once you are being noticed for the above mentioned points. Cracking an interview is not always easy as there are several factors to be taken care of. However, once you are aware of the basic interview skills, getting a job is not tough as well. Let us know your feedback on this article or share your interview experience with us.

Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities Gets Additional Importance in Your Resume

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Resumes hold the key of getting you placed in your dream job. But just when it comes to writing the perfect resume you are baffled as to what should you include and what you should leave out. Some people make the mistake of leaving out their extra-curricular activities thinking that they might not be important enough on a resume. But here is where one goes wrong. Extra-curricular activities play a key role when it comes to determining what kind of person you are and where your skills lie. Extra-curricular activities especially play a big role if it is your first job and you have no experience to speak of. There are many extra-curricular activities that should be included in your resume. Some of them are-

  • Leadership skills– If you have ever run for a class president or had been the organizing head of a fresher’s party in your college, do mention it in your resume. It helps the recruiters to know about your leadership and management skill. They come to know that you have successfully managed an event under stress and can still do it for their company.
  • Sports- If you have been a part of sports or any other athletic activity, mention that too in your resume. It shows your recruiter that you are an active person who is willing to take part in any kind of work. Being part of a team, sport shows that you have the capability to work within a team. If you are a little older, then involvement in sports goes a long way in showing your fitness level.
  • Writing skills- Have you ever written for a magazine or a newspaper or were the editor of the college magazine? Emphasize that in your resume if you are going to apply for a writing job or that of an editor. It will make them understand that you have some knowledge about writing in magazines and newspapers. So even if you are without any experience, this will act like a boon for you.
  • Foreign languages- If you had ever taken up any foreign language as your hobby? Do write about that in your resume. Knowing an extra language can open many paths for you especially if you are considering an international career. It also shows that you are interested enough to try and learn about new things.
  • Volunteering- Have you ever worked anywhere as a volunteer? Then mention it on the resume. It helps the recruiters to know that you are a selfless and noble person especially if you have taken part in NGO based volunteering.

How to decide which activities to include?

Research your job position as well as the company you are applying for well before organizing your resume. Decide which of your activities will go well with what they are looking for. If you are someone who had pursued a lot of activities, it is not necessary to mention all. Just mention the ones which you think are needed.

Develop an Eye-Catching Resume Impressing the Employer in the First Attempt

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Resumes are very important when it comes to getting a job. It is through the resume that the employers come to know about your skills and your qualifications. It is through this resume that the employers shortlist your capability to work for their company. Hence, resume plays a very important role especially if you are out searching for a job. Resumes have to be written in a perfect manner and in an eye-catching way in order to make them catch the attention of your recruiter right away.

Why are resumes important?

A Resume is the complete testament of a job applicant. It is through this resume that the applicants can get through to the recruiter their qualifications, interests, talents and previous work experience. Other than that some vital personal information is also given in the resume. All these are very important for the recruiters. In a job meeting, it is not possible to know in detail about the qualifications of an applicant just in a verbal interview. The resume hence serves to fulfil this gap. The resume provides an in-depth knowledge about the applicant which can help the recruiter to make up his mind within a few minutes. Thus, it is important to have an impressive resume which can work in your favour and make the recruiter give a judgement in your favour.

How to make a resume attractive?

In order to make your resume attractive you have to think like that of a recruiter. There are many people who commit the blunder of using too much of fancy flowing vocabulary in order to make the resume attractive. But what the recruiter is looking for is not for you to showcase your talents in vocabulary but to actually notice your skills needed for the job. So the first point is to keep your resume brief and to the point. Too much of flowery language would just serve to distract the recruiter. Secondly, use a normal sized font and that too, a one which looks formal enough. Times New Roman is the most preferred font for writing a resume. Do not use too small or too big font size. Thirdly, try and highlight all the important points. If you think that you have some particular skill or experience that should catch the attention of the recruiter then highlight it with the help of bold letters or underlines. Do not colour code otherwise the resume would not look formal enough. Using bullet points is a very good idea. Bullet points help you to get straight to the point without wasting a lot of words.

Get Some Help

If you are entirely unsure how to write a good resume, then explore the internet a bit. You will find many samples which will give you an idea about writing resumes. If you have a close one who can write good resumes then ask for his help and get it written by him. There are also some companies who provide you with the format of resume writing. So try and follow that and remember organization is the key.


Create your Resume Maintaining a Pace with the Type of Job you are Applying For

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Resumes are the first and the last important thing that is necessary for getting the job. Resumes are the detailed version of your qualifications and your achievements. It is your resume which determines which kind of job you would finally get. Hence, if you are looking for jobs in different avenues then the same resume cannot be applicable for both the job. As two different jobs have two different requirements, in the same way the resumes have to be different in order to prove your competence for the kind of job you are applying.

Prepare a skeleton resume

First and foremost, prepare a basic resume. A basic resume is the one which contains all the elementary points of a resume. That resume remains the same in all the different versions that you produce. A skeleton resume contains information about your personal information, your qualifications and experiences. Also prepare a basic cover letter for the basic resume. Now all you have to do is change the order of presentation and edit the information according to the type of job you are applying for.

Why there is a need for different resumes for different jobs?

Suppose you have experience in engineering as well as in sales. So the resume you give when you apply for a sales job will be different than the one which you apply for the engineering job. Why? The reason is simple. The recruiter of one job will have different requirements as compared to the recruiter of the other job. So, not all your interests and skills which are unwanted in the other job should be displayed in the second resume. However, the basic information will remain the same. The only change will be a little bit of editing.

What should you do?

The first and the foremost thing that you should do while preparing different versions of your resume is to do a bit of research. Research about the company where you are applying for the job. Secondly research the position in which you are applying. Thirdly, check about the recruiter who is going to recruit you. On all these factors depend how you are going to edit your skeleton resume. For example, if your engineering experiences would serve you no good in a sales job. So there is no need to mention that at all. Management skills should find no place in your skills if you are applying for a sales job. You have to think from the recruiter’s point of view. Think as a recruiter as to what kind of resume you would bother to read and what would you throw in the trash.

It is for this reason that resumes have to be brief, precise and to the point. Along with the resume, the cover letter also has to be different for different jobs. Explain in the cover letter why you think yourself to be the suitable candidate for the job.

Carry Out a Detailed Career Counselling to Get a Dream Job

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In an age where the job market has become extremely competitive, career counselling has gained utmost importance. Career counselling approaches to the psychological sensibilities of a person, checks out his talents as well as his desires and hence directs him towards the right path. There are a plethora of branches and sub branches open for a person. To direct him towards the right path where his capabilities will prosper is the job of a career counsellor. Hence a detailed career counselling will help you to get your dream job and hence to be successful in your life.

The importance of career counselling

Career counselling is a branch of applied psychology, which has gained immense importance in the recent time. Why, you ask? It is because with the passing days varieties of jobs and subjects are emerging on the horizon and the students are bound to get confused as to which one should be chosen at the need of the day. Along with that matters the talent of the student in a particular stream and his heart’s desire. If he takes a job which is his heart’s desire but has no talent in it then it will be hard for him to achieve success and vice versa. This will act as a huge hurdle in the path of one’s career which will be a source of depression and failure. In order to avoid all such complications one should undertake such detailed career counselling at a very young age in order to avail the best of the opportunities available to him. The right kind of career counselling can be life changing and could easily revolutionize the approach one has towards aspirations and jobs.

What does career counselling comprised of?

Career counselling is actually conducted by a counsellor. It may be conducted in a group or in a one to one interview basis. Most people choose the personal interview as it helps the counsellor to focus on one person entirely. Then, you are made to go through aptitude tests which will determine where your talents lie. Other than that, you have to take personality tests which determine the kind of personality you have and what kind of job would suit you the best. After all this, you are to have an interview session with the psychologist who will then suggest you a job according to your talent and personality type. Sometimes you can also opt for a group session which might help you to have a look inside the problems of other people suffering from wrong career choices. It will give you enough of an insight to determine what path would suit you the best. Moreover, you have to consider the future prospects of your desired industry too.

Getting a career counselling is very beneficial for young students as well as job aspirants. So get your career counselling done today to pursue a great career ahead.

Attach a Killer Cover Letter Enhancing the Chances of Getting Selected

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In the world of extreme competition getting a job is not an easy thing. Obviously your skills and qualifications play a huge role in helping you to get a desired job. But what is more important than that is the fact that you have to get it through to your recruiters. Resumes and cover letters do the job of getting your skills through to your recruiters. But unless they are impressive enough, it is most probable that the recruiter would not even check your application out. Cover letters are the introduction to your resume. Cover letters set in brief what the recruiter can expect from your resume and hence plays a very important role in your selection. An impressive cover letter is hence a must if you want your employer to check out your resume.

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a letter, which is attached to your resume. It is generally submitted to the recruiter along with that of the resume when you are applying for a job. A cover letter is like that of an introduction to your resume. In the letter you have to address to your recruiter and tell him why you think that you are the one for the job. Give a brief summary of your qualifications as well, but leave out the details for the resume. Be precise and organized so that it can instantly capture the attention of the recruiter.

How to write an impressive cover letter?

The mistakes most people make are that they forget that the cover letter is not just any letter. It is the introduction, the reason to look into your resume. So the cover letter has to be impressive. The first and the most important point that one has to remember are not to make the cover letter cramped up with too much flowery language. It is important to make the letter lucid and flowy and free from any grammatical errors. Grammatical errors are an absolute no when it comes to a cover letter. Secondly you have to address the recruiter himself and make the cover letter as personal as possible. In the introductory line, state clearly the job position for which you are applying. In the second paragraph, state why you think yourself to be the perfect candidate for the job. In the third paragraph, end with a summary of your skills and qualifications.

What should not be done in a cover letter?

A cover letter should not be the exact replica of your resume. Your resume serves the purpose of providing detailed information about you. On the other hand, a cover letter is there to convince the recruiter to go through your resume. A cover letter should never be more than a page. Precision is the key as the recruiter hardly has time to go through an essay. Lastly, do not use the same cover letter for all the job applications. Remember every job and its recruiter is different from the other.